Andrew Bynum: “I feel it’s destiny for me to be a Cleveland athlete”

andrew-bynum-crazy-hair Free agent center Andrew Bynum said it is very likely he will sign a contract offer from the Cleveland Cavaliers, feeling it is “destiny for me to be a Cleveland athlete.”

“I’ve learned a lot about Cleveland sports history in the last few days,” said Bynum. “I can’t imagine a city in which I’d be a better fit. Everything just feels perfect for me here.”

Bynum said he is “intrigued” by Cleveland’s history of depressing sports failure and thinks he can contribute to that rich heritage.

“I don’t know exactly how it might go down, but there are a lot of intriguing possibilities,” he said. “Do they sign me and I immediately say I’m too injured to play, and they’re stuck paying me for two years? Or do I play really well for a season or two, begin to reach my potential, earn a huge long-term contract … and then get hurt or just quit? Could I help convince LeBron to sign here and then be a locker room cancer that prevents us from winning a title during his second tenure here? I don’t know. The possibilities are exciting.” 

David Lee, Bynum’s agent, said he believes Cleveland is were his client will ultimately land.

“I have to admit, I was pretty worried that after last season, when he pretty much just robbed the Philadelphia 76ers of nearly $17 million,” said Lee, “that he would get zero interest across the league. I mean, honestly, why would a team give Andrew Bynum any kind of money. It’s insane. But then I remembered: ‘Ahh, yes. Cleveland still exists. Of course. Of course it will be them.’ And so here we are.”

 (picture via The 700 Level)