6 Ridiculous MLB Trade Ideas Conceived of Simply for Pageviews

Alex Rodriguez1. Miguel Cabrera to the Marlins for pitcher Jose Fernandez

The reason Detroit has struggled to pull away from the pack in the AL Central is not because they are lacking in offense. The Tigers are second in all of baseball in runs scored, but only 13th in team ERA. Meanwhile, Miguel Cabrera is the first player in baseball history to reach 30 home runs and 90 RBI by the All-Star break. While an impressive accomplishment, it’s foolish to think he will ever be better than he is right now. It’s all downhill from here.

This deal simply makes too much sense to not happen. Detroit improves their pitching my getting Miami’s young ace, while the Tigers sell high on Cabrera and let Marlins management show their fans that they’re willing again to pay for high-priced veterans. Win-win.

2. Alex Rodriguez to the Pirates for Clint Barmes

The Yankees are desperate to get rid of Alex Rodriguez and the contending Pirates want a shortstop — Rodriguez has always considered himself a shortstop — who can provide some offense. If the Yankees are willing to pick up some of A-Rod’s contract, as they did two years ago in jettisoning A.J. Burnett to Pittsburgh, this deal can happen. Veteran shortstop Clint Barmes heads to the Yankees in the deal to give New York some additional insurance at the position should Derek Jeter struggle in his return.

3. Yadier Molina to the Cubs for a Single-A prospect

The St. Louis Cardinals have the best record in baseball and catcher Yadier Molina is arguably their best player. But if the Cardinals want to finish the postseason on top, too, they can’t get complacent.

Molina is 0-for-11 over his past four games. Sending him off to the baseball hell that is the Cubs would send the message to the rest of the Cardinals that they better keep producing or else.

4. Cliff Lee to the Rangers for prospects

The Phillies are not contenders this year and shipping Lee off to the Rangers would fulfill their annual desire to trade Cliff Lee.

5. Cliff Lee from the Rangers back to the Phillies for prospects, maybe even the same ones traded in the initial deal

This would fulfill Philadelphia’s well-known desire to re-acquire Cliff Lee after dumping him.

6. Astros organization for the Marlins organization

The Astros and Marlins have the worst two records in Major League Baseball. Everyone knows the cliche about a struggling athlete benefiting from a “change of scenery.” Why not multiple athletes — in fact: whole organizations — getting a fresh start in a new city? This trade needs to happen now. The Miami Astros and Houston Marlins. You heard it here first.

(photo via @740JZD)