Yankees Hilarity Meter: June 30, 2013


Not long ago at the top of the American League East and supposedly proving wrong all those who doubted them at the start of the season, the Yankees are now plummeting towards the basement after getting swept by the Orioles, a team they used to toy with. The Yankees have now lost five in a row and are just two games out of last after going 11-16 in June. They are also the only team in their division with a negative run differential.

Meanwhile, Mark Teixeira is out for the season, the A-Rod vs. Yankees management rehab drama continues on each day and there is still no return date for 39 year-old shortstop Derek Jeter … who got to watch the Baltimore series on TV while Baltimore's Manny Machado — a 20 year-old shortstop young enough to be Jeter's son — destroyed his team. This is going to get worse for the Yankees, and for years, before it gets better. Ha. Yet perhaps most hilarious of all, the Pittsburgh Pirates — a team featuring A.J. Burnett and Russell Martin, two players deemed worthless by worthless Yankees general manager Brian Cashman — have the best record in baseball.

Oh, and the Yankees' payroll is more than $200 million.