World’s #1 Dad Defeated in Stunning Knockout by World’s 8th Ranked Dad

Worlds 1 Dad Defeated in Stunning Knockout by Worlds 8th Ranked Dad
The world dad rankings were thrown into disarray this weekend when World's #1 Dad Glenn Thompson of Oak Park, Illinois, was floored by a brutal combination in the 6th Round of his bout with Michael Gutierrez, who entered the fight as World's #8 Dad.

Most dad experts saw the Gutierrez as little more than a tune up for Thompson's scheduled November bout against Tim Scott, the 2nd ranked dad. But that match is now off and dads are lining up to take on Gutierrez — who now surprisingly takes on the the title of World's #1 Dad.

"This is a dream come true," said Gutierrez, who fathers out of Milton, Delaware. "You dream of being World's #1 Dad, but I don't know if you ever really believe it can happen."

Gutierrez celebrated his new status in style, sporting a World's #1 Dad hat and t-shirt. He also got a World's #1 Dad coffee mug and mouse pad.

"I want to enjoy this for a little bit, but then it's back to work," he said. "I know a lot of people want the title of World's #1 Dad. That honor is earned. It's not just some title people throw around like it's nothing."

Thompson's defeat in a fight he entered as a heavy favorite is the biggest surprise the sport has seen since April 2009 when Elmer Lyons, the undefeated, undisputed World's #1 Grandpa, passed away during a fight.