Report: Baseball to Punish A-Rod by Making Him Play Baseball in Public

Report: Baseball to Punish ARod by Making Him Play Baseball in Public
Major League Baseball will seek to suspend Ryan Braun and about 20 other players linked to the Miami clinic Biogenesis that is at the part of the sport's latest performance-enhancing drug scandal. But Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez, the player perhaps most closely linked to Biogenesis, reportedly will not be suspended.

"We feel it will be far more worse for him, far more humiliating, if he has to play baseball," said a MLB source. "If you've seen A-Rod play baseball that last few years, he's pretty much blown. It's been hilarious. And now he is a year older, almost 38, and coming off an injury. Oh, yes. Forcing him to play baseball is definitely the best solution."

The pitching staffs of the Red Sox, Orioles, Rays and Blue Jays also signed a joint statement asking baseball not to suspend Rodriguez: "Baseball is a community and we think Alex should work through his issues on the field. Please don't take him away from us. Please. It's awesome pitching to him."

The Yankees, however, are reportedly preparing to sue MLB if Rodriguez is not suspended.

"The collective bargaining agreement as it pertains to players using performance enhancing drugs is very clear," said Yankees general manager Brian Cashman. "Alex must be suspended. Probably forever. There is no way around it. Please take him away from us. Please."