Nationals Lace Stephen Strasburg’s Urine Sample with Steroids to Force Him to Sit for 50 Games

Nationals Lace Stephen Strasburgs Urine Sample with Steroids to Force Him to Sit for 50 Games
Washington Nationals starting pitcher Stephen Strasburg will reportedly be suspended for 50 games after his recent urine sample under baseball's testing policy was found to be 100-percent testosterone.

MLB testers found the sample "highly suspicious" and "seemingly without any actual urine in it." But the Nationals have forbidden Strasburg from appealing the positive test.

"The test is the test," said Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo. "The chances something screwy happened to it, like one of our interns swapping out his urine with a vial of testosterone I purchased on the Internet, is highly unlikely, right? No, it's best we just accept this penalty and shut Stephen down."

Strasburg's 50-game suspension will keep him out until early August.

"While we could get him back in early August, it's probably best we just call it a year for Stephen," said Rizzo. "Someone as valuable as him, with his track record … is it really smart to bring him back in August after not pitching for 50 games? When we might not even be in the race? That would be insane. No, I don't think we'll see Stephen on the mound again until next April."

Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper has been asked by baseball to retake a drug test after his urine sample was found to be Axe Body Spray.