Michael Jordan’s Legacy Wins NBA Finals Again

Michael Jordans Legacy Wins NBA Finals
Michael Jordan's legacy came through with another championship in this year's NBA Finals, defeating LeBron James in seven games.

It is the 15th consecutive championship for Jordan's legacy since Jordan stepped away from the Chicago Bulls following his sixth NBA championship in 1998.

"I gave it my best, but Jordan's legacy was just too much to overcome," said James. "I just have to tip my cap. You know, take my headband off to it, so to speak. Jordan's legacy is the best ever."

Even with his second consecutive NBA championship, most basketball experts admit James had little chance of defeating Jordan's legacy.

"Jordan's legacy gets better and better every year," said ABC basketball analyst Jeff Van Gundy. "I've never seen improvement like this. We're a few years away from everyone believing Michael never missed a shot or lost a game. No one has a chance against it."

While Jordan's legacy as a player is pristine, his legacy as an executive is expected to take another hit next week at the NBA Draft.

"I don't know if a pile of excrement can have a legacy," said Van Gundy. "Words need to mean something for a society to function."