Lakers Keep Asking Steve Nash if He Saw That Jason Kidd Retired

Lakers Keep Asking Steve Nash if He Saw That Jason Kidd Retired
Steve Nash's cellphone lit up Monday morning.

"I was working out and came back to my locker and saw my phone," said the Lakers point guard. "I had 20 voice mails and almost 30 texts waiting for me. I thought something terrible had happened."

It turns out that it was only Jason Kidd's retirement that spurred the onslaught of cell phone contact.

"You see Kidd retired?" read a text from Kobe Bryant. "He's only one year older than you, but you're more injury-prone. Has to make you think, huh?"

"Just came over the news that Jason Kidd is retiring," Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak said in a voice mail. "Rasheed Wallace is retiring, Grant Hill. Seems like a lot of the older players are hanging them up. You and Kidd are both former Mavericks point guards who played last year in big cities. Seems like a lot of parallels, huh?" Kupchak's voice mail then ended with 15 seconds of him coughing and clearing his throat.

Message after message from Lakers' management, coaches and players echoed those sentiments. Nash received numerous texts from backup Laker point guards Steve Blake, Chris Duhon and Darius Morris.

"Wow. Jason Kidd is 40. You're 39. You guys are old enough to be my dad," read a text from the 22 year-old Morris.

But not all of Nash's message were trying to force the past-his-prime point guard out the door.

"Jason Kidd is retiring. Just another guy who couldn't keep up with you, I guess. You should ask for a contract extension. I love you," read a text from Lakers head coach Mike D'Antoni.