Jason Garrett Unaware of Jerry Jones’ Plans to Start Jerry Jones at Running Back

Jason Garrett Unaware of Jerry Jones Plans to Start Jerry Jones at Running Back
Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett claimed ignorance today when asked his thoughts on Jerry Jones' plans to start at running back this season.

"To my knowledge, nothing has been finalized with that," said Garrett. "I believe the running back job is still open and will continue to be into training camp."

But Garrett's comments contradict what Jones told reporters just this morning.

"As both team owner and general manager, it is my responsibility to be involved with this team in any way that can make us better," said Jones. "But there's only so much I can do off the field. By starting at running back, I can impact our performance in a truly meaningful way."

Jones hasn't played football since toiling as an offensive lineman with Arkansas in 1964, but the 70 year-old says he is prepared to run the ball with a heavy workload this season.

"I'm spry for 70 and I've been resting my body for 49 years," he said. "I am ready to perform."

Garrett also said he knows nothing about the Cowboys signing Tony Romo to a long-term contract.

"What? Come on. No way that is true. That would just be insane," said Garrett. "I don't even think Jerry would do that. I'll have to hear it from his mouth before I believe it."