Is the Sandwich LeBron James is Currently Eating a Legacy Sandwich?

Is the Sandwich LeBron James is Currently Eating a Legacy Sandwich
Bacon, lettuce, tomato. On whole wheat toast.

This is the sandwich LeBron James is eating for lunch the day after Game 6 of the NBA Finals — and just more than 24 hours before a definitive Game 7.

Is this the sandwich he should be eating at such a pivotal moment in his career? Should he even be eating a sandwich at all? Did he consider a salad or perhaps a grilled chicken breast or sushi?

It's the little things that separate the great ones from their peers. An inch here, an inch there. One late-game shot that rims out versus another late-game shot that rattles in. A BLT sandwich or soup and salad.

What is it that makes a great player into a legendary player? Could it be something as seemingly meaningless as a sandwich? What did Michael Jordan used to eat? Could LeBron's BLT be a legacy sandwich?

Bacon has protein but also lots of fat and calories. Lettuce and tomatoes are nutritious, yet there are healthier fruit and vegetables options. And the wheat toast: if LeBron is a step slow in a crucial moment of Game 7, those extra carbs could be the reason.

It is.

It is a legacy sandwich.

If the Heat lose Game 7, LeBron will have to look back and reevaluate everything that led up to that defeat. And this sandwich is now very much a part of what came before Game 7.



The 2013 NBA championship very likely hinges on a mid-afternoon snack. What LeBron eats for dinner tonight could be huge, too. As will be the size, timing and ease of any bowel movements he takes between now and tipoff of Game 7.

But don't underestimate this sandwich. It's likely how his entire career will be remembered.