David Stern Vows Heat-Pacers Game 7 “Will have a shocking surprise ending fans will love”

David Stern Vows HeatPacers Game 7 Will have shocking surprise ending fans will love
NBA commissioner David Stern encouraged fans to tune into the Heat-Pacers series finale Monday night, promising "an ending that will have fans buzzing for days."

"I don't want to give anything away, but trust me: it's good," said Stern. "This will go down as one of the greatest and most shocking series finales in television history."

Heat and Pacers players confirmed to reporters after their final morning walk-throughs today that Game 7 would create a lot of buzz.

"They didn't even let us see the outcome until this morning," said Dwyane Wade. "I flipped ahead right away to see how it ends. Wow. That's all I'll say. Wow."

Pacers center Roy Hibbert says he thinks viewers will be pleased with where the series leaves his character.

"I've gone from smart, fun-loving, up-and-coming NBA big man, to a profanity spouting homophobe to … well, just tune in and see," he said. "We simply have amazing writers and a great director in David Stern. I'm lucky to work with them."

Stern bristled at accusations that the NBA is rigged, however.

"What? I don't know how you took that from what I said," the commissioner growled, as Game 7 referee Scott Foster walked by wearing a CGI suit.