Comprehensive List of When It’s Okay to Leave a Playoff Game Early

Comprehensive list of when it's okay to leave a playoff game early:

– Your wife is going into labor.

– You or someone you came with needs medical attention at a hospital.

– You are a medical doctor who is on call and you have been summoned to perform a life-saving procedure.

– You just realized you have a winning $500 million Powerball ticket and only have until midnight to redeem it.

– An insane madman living in a fortress atop a volcano has a nuclear laser trained on the United States, and the only way he will spare the lives of 300 million people is if you leave the game early.

– The arena has played Pitbull one too many times and you can't take it anymore.

– You are openly a loathsome, bandwagoning, fair-weather Miami Heat fan.