Chris Bosh: “I know I have to win another ring to truly be compared to Michael Jordan”

Chris Bosh: I know I have to win another ring to get in the discussion with Michael Jordan
Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh admitted today that he feels the pressure to win another championship ring in order to secure his legacy among the game's all-time greats.

"I'm not going to lie to you and pretend that I don't care about my place in the history of the game," said Bosh. "I do. All of the guys on an elite level do. And, like it or not, Michael Jordan is the bar you're measured to."

Bosh stressed that he has averaged slightly more rebounds and blocks per game during his career than Jordan did during his, "and that I'm several inches taller, which is a big deal in basketball."

But he knows he probably can't rest on those laurels.

"If I don't get two rings, the critics and the basketball historians probably aren't going to give me a fair shake regardless of everything else I've done in my career," he said. "Sad but true. Sad but true."

Heat head coach Eric Spoelstra agreed that there is a lot on the line for Bosh in the NBA Finals.

"If he steps up, he can maybe make the case that he should still be a starter on an above .500 NBA team," said Spoelstra. "And also the Jordan stuff. Sure."