Alex Rodriguez Not Sure What He’s Ever Done to Deserve the Scorn of Yankee Management

Alex Rodriguez Not Sure What Hes Ever Done to Deserve the Scorn of Yankee Management
Injured Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez said today that he is "shocked, disappointed and hurt" that general manager Brian Cashman got angry and used a profanity in reference to Rodriguez tweeting out an update on his rehab.

"I don't really feel I deserve that kind of reaction," said Rodriguez. "I was merely trying to express my excitement with fans over social media. I have done nothing but try to comport myself with dignity and professionalism since I have been here."

The former All-Star was then asked by a reporter if he thought perhaps that Cashman's reaction was just an explosion over many things related to Rodriguez, such as his consistently declining production, his massive contract, his inability to hit in the postseason, his repeated injuries, his frequent steroids scandals, his link to illegal high-stakes pokers games, his sometimes selfish and aloof demeanor with teammates or how he tried to pick up women behind the dugout during a playoff series the Yankees lost, among other things.

"I've been around this game a long time now," said Rodriguez. "Look at any player who has played more than five or six years, and I'm pretty sure you will see they've been involved in all of that stuff, too. It just part of baseball. I guess I just get more attention because of how awesome I am."

If Cashman wants Rodriguez to stop tweeting out updates on his rehab, the former slugger says he will comply.

"I will do whatever Brian tells me," said Rodriguez. "He's the boss. I'll just try to get him fired. It wouldn't be hard. I mean, just look at some of the players he has signed to huge, long-term contracts. What an idiot."