13-Cent Beer Night Goes Awry as Fans Riot Over Odd Change Amounts

13Cent Beer Night Goes Awry as Fans Riot Over Odd Change Amounts
What was intended to be a fun promotion turned violent last night at Cleveland's Progressive Field when thousands of fans stormed the field in anger over the awkward change amounts caused by a 13-Cent Beer Night promotion.

"Ahhhhhhh! I hate nickels and pennies!" screamed one fan as he tore up second base and hurled it into the outfield. "Let's at least finally get rid of the penny, am I right?!"

The night started okay as fans seemed pleased by the discount beer, but they soon became frustrated over getting handfuls of change in exchange for their 13-cent beers or due to the annoyance of counting out exact change. Some were aggravated by having to pass change back and forth down their row between fans and beer vendors. It finally erupted in violence when a fan tried to buy two beers for a quarter and couldn't find an extra penny. He punched the vendor in the face and then stole a roll of pennies.

"I have all the money now!" he screamed, his face splattered with blood. "I am king of Cleveland!"

While most fans spilled into the field — sending players running into the clubhouse to safety — other stayed in their seats, rifling through their pockets and trying to count out exact change.

"Does anyone have two cents? I need two pennies!" one enraged fan yelled. Unable to secure the needed change, he set fire to a trash can.

With 13-Cent Beer Night a clear failure, the Indians are said to be reconsidering their plan to have Write-a-Check for a Chalupa Night next week.