Study: Shitty Teams Think They Don’t Get Any Calls

Study: Shitty Teams Think They Dont Get Any Calls – Image 1
In a decades-long study that looked at collegiate and major professional sports across the world, researchers revealed today that really shitty teams tend to believe that they never get any calls from officials.

The 55-year study, the longest running study in history on sports team and referee interaction, was a joint effort conducted by Harvard, Stanford and Oxford universities.

"The shittier the team, the more it tends to believe the refs are against them," said Roger Vance, a Harvard professor who announced the study's findings. "It was like this across all sports, and all levels of play, and every country. While good teams sometimes feel targeted by officials, shit teams inordinately blame refs for everything that goes agains them."

Fan behavior was also tracked by the researchers.

"As much as shitty teams complain about officiating, the fans of shitty teams complain exponentially more," said Vance. "In fact, we almost quit doing the study several times because we found these people to be so annoying."

The research showed that poor calls by officials affected the result of just 0.0003-percent of more than 40,000 games studied. Meanwhile, shitty teams felt the officials caused them to lose in 78.6-percent of those games. The fans of those shitty teams blamed the officials solely in 99.2-percent of losses.

While the Harvard-Stanford-Oxford study has been peer-reviewed and verified, many are still criticizing the results.

"What else can you expect? Decades-long scientific studies always go against my team," said a fan of a shitty team.