Sponsored Content: 11 Ways the 2013 Houston Astros Are Awesome!

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*1.* The Houston Astros is a baseball organization that plays in Major League Baseball, widely considered the premier professional baseball league in the world!

2. The 2013 Astros will have an All-Star!

3. This year the Astros have beaten nine different MLB teams! The Rangers, Mariners, Angels, Indians, Yankees, Tigers, Pirates and Royals have all fallen to the Astros!

4. The Astros beat the New York Yankees, 9-1, on April 29, 2013. The Yankees have a $200 million payroll and own the most championships in baseball history, yet they lost by eight runs to the Astros!

5. None of the Astros' players have tested positive for steroids this year!

6. Roger Clemens, one of the greatest pitchers in history, is the team's special assistant to the general manager!

7. The Astros also have a reliever named Paul Clemens (no relation)!

8. Manager Bo Porter has NEVER been fired as a MLB manager!

9. Astros first baseman Carlos Pena was once considered one of the premier power hitting prospects in baseball! He was also portrayed in the Oscar-nominated movie Moneyball!

10. Pitcher Erik Bedard is one of the greatest French-speaking baseball players of all-time!

11. The Astros have a better record than the Marlins, who have won two World Series title in the past 15 years!