Sergio Garcia Claims Giant Lake Distracted Him

Sergio Garcia Claims Giant Lake Distracted Him – Image 1
Sergio Garcia fell out of contention at The Players Championship on Sunday on hole No. 17 when he hit two shots into the water. He then hit his drive on No. 18 into the same lake.

"I felt it was unprofessional for the lake to be there," said Garcia. "That water could be anywhere. Water covers two-thirds of this planet, yet it had to be there on the final two holes of a tournament I'm playing in? Come on. It's not the nicest lake on the earth."

Garcia was especially miffed because the lake didn't swallow any of Tiger Woods' shots.

"I don't want to make a big deal out of this, but it does seem like there is preferential treatment on Tour for Tiger," said Garcia. "He hits shots and they just happen to land on the green. But I hit shots and there is a big tree trunk in the path of my ball or a bunker or some water. I mean, at the very least it's suspicious."

Garcia said his drive on No. 18 into the water was both the fault of the giant lake and due to some noise he heard less than 40 seconds before he swung.

"I wouldn't say it was a noise so much as a complete lack of noise," said Garcia. "Silence can be very distracting. I thought it was classless by the gallery to try to distract me by being quiet."