Scores of Hollywood Actors Prepping for Upcoming Roles as L.A. Kings Fans

Scores of Hollywood Actors Prepping for Upcoming Roles as LA Kings Fans – Image 1
One year after winning the Stanley Cup, the Los Angeles Kings have reached the Western Conference Finals, meaning the team is very close to getting many famous faces at their games again for free national TV exposure.

"We've seen a huge increase in people calling for 'ice Lakers' tickets since the Game 7 win over San Jose," said Jeff Gillory, the team's vice president of ticket sales. "Of course, when someone uses the term 'ice Lakers,' I immediately know it's a celebrity calling and that they'll want tickets where cameras can easily spot them."

Actor Joshua Jackson, best known for the series "Dawson's Creek," says he has taken on the character of a very enthusiastic Kings fan "who jumps up and down a lot and is always raising his arms."

"I've studied fans and some of them do this," said Jackson. "Also, it will make it easier for cameras to spot me."

Jim Carrey has reportedly taken a method approach, pretending to be a Kings fan night and day, wearing Kings apparel and even forcing his associates to have small talk about the team "like real sports fans do," said Carrey's assistant.

Oscar winner Meryl Streep is also considering attending games and fellow actors gush over her performance.

"You get the sense that she sincerely loves hockey and the L.A. Kings and isn't just there for cheap publicity," said Ellen Page. "She is amazing."