LeBron Carries Tiny Nate Robinson Home to Show His Kids

LeBron Carries Tiny Nate Robinson Home to Show His Kids – Image 1
Following Miami's blowout victory over the Chicago Bulls in Game 2 of their Eastern Conference semifinals series, Heat star LeBron James scooped Nate Robinson off the court, carried him into the locker room and placed the Bulls guard in a gym bag.

"My kids are going to love this little fella," said James, feeding Robinson bits of food he grabbed from the post-game, locker room spread. "Look how tiny he is. He's adorable."

James then called his kids and told them he had a surprise for them and that he'd be home soon. He then quickly dressed without showering, picked up his bag with Robinson inside it and exited for the players' parking lot.

"They're going to love playing with him," said a smiling James, on the way out. "I just hope they don't get too attached. I can't keep him. He has a home in Chicago."

James reported this morning at practice that his kids loved Robinson, just as he hoped they would.

"There was one little incident when he snapped at them," said James. "He can be a pretty feisty little guy. But I just bopped him on the nose with a magazine and he didn't do it again."

Teammate Chris Bosh said Robinson probably had a great night staying at the James' residence.

"LeBron took me home one night. He wanted me to help his kids do a school project on aliens for some reason," he said. "They seemed like nice kids. They didn't point and laugh at me or run away in fear like most kids do."