Lakers Still Confident They Can Turn Their Season Around

Lakers Still Confident They Can Turn Their Season Around – Image 1
Despite no longer being in the NBA playoffs, the Lakers still believe they have time to turn their season around and win the franchise's seventeenth championship.

"We haven't lost in weeks," said head coach Mike D'Antoni. "And if you look at the Western Conference, we're in as good a shape as almost anyone. I'm not counting us out until the season is over."

The presumed Western Conference champion, the Oklahoma City Thunder, is on the brink of elimination thanks to Russell Westbrook's injury, the Spurs are as old as the Lakers, the Warriors are inexperienced and star guard Steph Curry is battling injury, and the Memphis Grizzlies are led by Pau Gasol's little brother.

"I like our position," said Lakers point guard Steve Nash. "I'm getting healthier every day and Kobe should be able to walk in a few weeks. We can do this."

NBA commissioner David Stern says it is unlikely that the Lakers could win the NBA Finals, considering they were eliminated in a first round sweep, but said it really doesn't matter.

"The Grizzlies, the Spurs, the Lakers. Whoever goes is going to get killed by the Heat," he said. "It's probably less humiliating for the Lakers the way things happened."