Jarron Collins’ Friends Kind of Disappointed He’s Not Gay

Jarron Collins Friends Kind of Disappointed Hes Not Gay – Image 1
One week ago, Karen Rinaldi though it was pretty cool to live in the same neighborhood as former NBA center Jarron Collins.

"It's good conversation at parties or whatever to tell people that you live near a former pro athlete," said Rinaldi, who lives three houses away from Collins in Los Angeles. "But that's all ruined now."

Rinaldi said she mentioned to a friend yesterday that she lived near Jarron Collins and the friend replied: "Oh, wow? The gay athlete who came out?"

"No. No, not him," said Rinaldi. "That's Jason Collins. I live near Jarron Collins, his twin brother."

"Oh. Too bad," he friend said. "Well, maybe Jason will come visit sometime. He's really famous."

"Yeah," said Rinaldi.

It's the same for friends of the now much lesser-known Collins twin.

"Jarron is a great guy and I think the world of him," said lifelong friend Doug Mason. "But now I kind of feel like I'm friends with Steve Robinson, Jackie Robinson's brother. Or Jeff Armstrong, the brother of Neil Armstrong. You know what I mean? It would be cooler to know the guy who walked on the moon, not the guy who once shared a bedroom with the guy who walked on the moon."

Jarron Collins' wife, Sara, says she is happy her husband isn't gay, but admits she has a bit of a crush on Jason right now.

"Why wouldn't I?" she said. "He looks almost exactly like my husband, he's still in professional athlete shape and he is now super-famous. Jarron can't hold a match to Jason."

Jarron said he has been apologizing to his friends in recent days.

"I can see the look of disappointment on everyone's faces," he said. "They're bummed to know the 'other' Collins twin. I get that. But I have to be honest with myself just like Jason was with himself. I'm not gay. I'm sorry. I hope everyone can accept that."