Derrick Rose Says He Will Return for Game 8 or the Gold Medal Round

Derrick Rose Says He Will Return for Game 8 or the Gold Medal Round – Image 1
Formerly injured Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose announced today that he feels "almost 350-percent" and plans to return to the lineup.

"The guys have shown they can win without me," said Rose, who tore his ACL more than a year ago and was cleared by doctors to play two months ago. "But I think I can contribute under the right circumstances."

Rose says he talked to Bulls head coach Tom Thibodeau this morning and assured him that he will return if the Brooklyn-Chicago series goes to a "Game 8" or if the Bulls reach the "gold medal round of the playoffs."

"I told him: 'Thanks so much, Derrick. Way to step up for the team,'" said Thibodeau. "'No one will think you're a pussy now.' Of course, these are things I have to keep saying publicly. I of course personally think he's being a pussy and don't know if I can ever trust him as a player again. But publicly: 'The Chicago Bulls continue to stand behind Derrick Rose's personal timeline for his return.' Make sure you quote me on that part."

Rose did say that in order for him to play in a Game 8 or in the NBA's gold medal round, "certain moons and planets and other such heavenly bodies must, of course, be in line. But I think that goes without saying."

The point guard must also rehab a bruised jaw now that he received from getting punched in the face by Thibodeau.