Chicago Bulls’ HR Director Informs Derrick Rose That He’s Out of Personal Days

Chicago Bulls HR Director Informs Derrick Rose Hes Out of Personal Days – Image 1
Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose will either have to start playing basketball again or will begin having his paycheck docked for missed days. This according to Mindy Trigman, the team's director of human resources.

"We're only into the first week of May and already Derrick has used all of his personal days for 2013," said Trigman. "I had him in my office today to inform him of this. Considering he does not have a doctor's note allowing him to not work, we consider his absences to be personal days. I also informed him of this in writing so it's in his file now."

Rose sustained a knee injury last year, but was cleared by doctors to return to work two months ago. Despite taking part in practices, he has not worked one game night.

"I don't know, I'm just going through some stuff mentally," said Rose. "I was hoping this was the kind of company that would want me to work at 100-percent. I made it clear to the HR lady that I am willing to work from home while I continue to recuperate mentally, but she said there is not a way to play basketball on the couch."

With his personal days exhausted, Rose say he is now forced to use his two weeks of vacation days.

"I think I'm going to go to Miami for two weeks," he said. "It's a fun city and they have a great basketball team there. I look forward to seeing them play."