Tyrann Mathieu Just Trying to Not Get Arrested for a Few More Days

Tyrann Mathieu Just Trying to Not Get Arrested for a Few More Days – Image 1
Tyrann Mathieu says he can't wait for the NFL Draft so he can begin his professional football career and also stop worrying so much about getting arrested.

"This has been the hardest few months of my life," said the former LSU defensive back. "Not getting arrested is exhausting. But if I can just make it through the weekend, I'll be the property of an NFL team and they'll pretty much be stuck with me."

Mathieu said he has kept himself on a sort of personal house arrest as the draft has approached, figuring it would be harder to get arrested if he stayed at home.

"But you don't realize how much trouble you can get in at your house," he said. "The Internet allows you to commit almost any crime from the comfort of your couch. Just today I ordered 300 pounds of weed from someone in Arizona. It's amazing. But I'm hoping nothing will be traced back to me until the draft is over."

Mathieu will not attend the draft in New York City and also will not have cameras at his house.

"They wanted to have cameras at my house, but their producer came by and he said it wasn't going to work because the cameras couldn't see me through all the smoke," said Mathieu. "Please don't quote me on that until after the draft is over. Thanks."

The prospect also revealed that under the conditions of a probation on an arrest that hasn't been made public yet, he can't leave the state of Louisiana for eight months.

"Not being able to play in the NFL outside of home games for the Saints would probably hurt my draft stock," he said. "So please don't mention that either. Thanks."