Stadium Organist Clearly Going Through a Skynyrd Phase

Stadium Organist Clearly Going Through a Skynyrd Phase – Image 1
Nancy Bea, the longtime stadium organist at Dodger Stadium, has made it obvious at recent games that she is really into Lynyrd Skynyrd lately.

"Ha! Oh, dear. You noticed," said Bea. "Yeah, I guess I've really been into them the last month or so. Every fan of music goes through a Skynyrd phase."

Bea performed jaunty organ versions of "Simple Man" and "Gimme Three Steps" during the Dodgers' last home game. She also played an 11-minute version of "Free Bird" that went through most of the 4th inning until umpires stopped play and asked manager Don Mattingly to contact her booth and request that she stop.

Bea says she can't believe it took her this long to "discover" the band, but she says "Lynyrd Skynyrd is probably my favorite now."

Longtime Dodgers fans say this isn't the first time Bea has been influenced by another artist. She also has reportedly gone through Beatles and Bob Marley phases.

"Most of it I don't mind," said season ticket holder Jeff Gonzalez. "But a couple years ago she auto-tuned her organ for a month and that was pretty hard to take."