Oh, No. Sports Radio Caller Has Take on Gay Issues.

Oh, God Oh, No Sports Radio Caller Has Take on Gay Issues – Image 1
A caller just now into Nashville's Sports Talk 980 drive-time show, "Crazy Mike and The Pete Show," says he has something to say about NBA player Jason Collins revealing he is gay.

"Alright, we've got Jimmie Ray from Smyrna calling in and he wants to talk about gay athletes," Crazy Mike just said. "You're on the air, Jimmie Ray."

Oh, God. His name is Jimmie Ray. This is going to be even worse than you feared.

"Yeah, hey, Crazy Mike. Yeah, I just wanted to talk about this NBA guy saying he's gay," said Jimmie Ray. "Now, I've never heard of him before because I don't really like NBA basketball. I don't think half of them try all season and when they do, it's only for the last few minutes of the game."

Please. Please someone stop this. Please. It's going to get racial and homophobic. Cut the line.

"And I learned in church growing up that homosexuality is a sin," continued Jimmie Ray.

Sweet mercy. This is a complete disaster. HANG UP ON HIM! You don't want sports radio callers talking about these issues! They're America's dumbest people! SOMEONE DO SOMETHING BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!

"I've been a happily married man for 27 years to my wife, a beautiful woman by the name of Norma, and I don't see the appeal in looking at another man," Jimmie Ray.

I can't. I can't listen anymore. Make it stop. This is not going to end well. PLEEEEEEEAAAASSSSSSE!

"But I have to say that this Collins or whatever his name is should be commended for being who he is," said Jimmie Ray. "And I hope he gets support from his fellow players and all the fans out there. That's all I have to say. I'll hang up and listen."

Whoa. That took an unexpected but positive turn.