Mike D’Antoni Calls Timeout to Read Really Insightful Kobe Tweet

Mike DAntoni Calls Timeout to Read Really Insightful Kobe Tweet – Image 1
Lakers head coach Mike D'Antoni burned his final timeout with eight minutes left in the fourth quarter of Game 1 of Los Angeles' opening round playoff series against the Spurs. Why? To read his players a tweet.

"Guy, guys. Gather around and listen up," said D'Antoni, squatting down in front of his players while holding his iPhone. "'"Pau, get ur ass on the block and don't move till u get it.' Want to know who said that? Kobe. Kobe said it on Twitter. Now, Pau, get out there and do it, okay?"

D'Antoni then called his team back before player resumed.

"Oh, and guys?" he said. "I forgot. Hashtag: realtalk."

Out of timeouts, D'Antoni had to spend the rest of the game yelling Bryant's tweets to his players from the sideline.

"Matador Defense on Parker. His penetration is hurting us," he exclaimed at one point. "No hashtag this time!"

Later it was: "This game has a 'steal one' written all over it for us. No hashtag."

As the game progressed and the Lakers fell farther behind, D'Antoni just sat in his chair on the bench, repeatedly refreshing Bryant's Twitter timeline. No more instruction came.

D'Antoni hopes his postgame address to his team will have them ready to win Game 2.

"I looked them all in the eye and said: 'Men, follow at-kobebryant,'" he said. "And everyone must have their phones with them on the court for Game 2. No exceptions."