Josh Hamilton’s Tale of Overcoming Substance Abuse Not As Inspiring When He’s Hitting .202

Josh Hamiltons Tale of Overcoming Substance Abuse Reportedly Less Inspirational When Hes Hitting 202 – Image 2
Just eight years ago, Josh Hamilton was homeless and strung out on heroin. Today he is getting booed and batting .202 after an 0-for-8 game with three strikeouts. It's the classic sort-of redemption tale.

"At my lowest point, I never dreamed of being where I am today," said Hamilton. "I dreamed more about playing really well for a good team. But sometimes things don't work out quite like you'd hope. If you had offered me .202 and getting booed back in 2005, would have taken it. At least, I probably would have."

One definite positive of Hamilton's current situation is that he is getting paid $17 million to be a massive, gaping hole in the middle of Anaheim's lineup — with $106 million more due to him in the next four years.

"I suspect the Angels want me to hit, like, lots of home runs and have a high batting average and stuff like that," said Hamilton. "But I think they would agree that even if I never get another hit in my entire life, my life's story is pretty remarkable. As remarkable as the fact that major league contracts are completely guaranteed? No. But remarkable nonetheless."

Back before Hamilton stopped being good at baseball last summer, he said several Hollywood producers had been in touch with him about making a movie about his life.

"Some of that has fallen through now. Well, all of it has fallen through," said Hamilton. "But I hear they might be shooting a movie about Mike Trout. Maybe I'll be seen in the batting cage or on the bench in the background of a scene. That would be pretty cool."