Enterprise Rent-a-Car Accused of Hiring Former NCAA Athletes Solely to Help Company Softball Team

Enterprise RentaCar Accused of Hiring Former NCAA Athletes Solely to Help Company Softball Team – Image 1
Recreation league officials across the United States are conducting investigations into alleged cheating by basketball, softball, soccer, and flag-football teams sponsored by Enterprise Rent-a-Car.

The allegations leveled against the automobile rental company, which has more than 6,000 locations throughout the United States, claim Enterprise is purposely hiring former NCAA athletes and then funneling them onto sponsored teams with the intention to dominate recreation and church leagues.

These "ringer teams" are not being warmly received by the competition.

"We used to have fun until these guys showed up," said Billy Jackson, age 44, of Goose Creek, SC. "Now these Enterprise ringer teams just keep winning. Most of my team never played baseball past Little League and we're supposed to beat a slow-pitch softball team composed entirely of former NCAA baseball players who are all 23 years-old? If you ask me, they should all be thrown out of the league."

A look inside the Enterprise's Clayton, Missouri, headquarters reveals that the main lobby is covered in trophy cases displaying hundreds, possibly even thousands, of rec league trophies won by Enterprise teams from across the country. Boxes of unopened trophies litter the floor. Meanwhile, behind the facility, athletic fields, courts and training facilities stretch to the horizon.

"I think it's less a car rental company and more a rec sports factory that uses a car rental company as cover," said Al Hankson, whose 30-and-over men's basketball rec league team lost 117-22 on Tuesday night to an Enterprise team featuring Trajan Langdon and Marcus Fizer.

Enterprise Rent-a-Car CEO Matthew W. Slates was unable to comment on the accusations as he is on vacation in Las Vegas to watch the 2013 American Rec League Flag Football Championships.