Drunken Johnny Manziel Streaks NFL Draft Stage Holding Heisman Trophy

Drunken Johnny Manziel Streaks NFL Draft Stage Holding Heisman Trophy – Image 1
The 2013 NFL Draft got off to a memorable start Thursday night. Moments after the Kansas City Chiefs used the first overall pick to select left tackle Eric Fisher from Central Michigan, sophomore Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel ran naked across the stage in front of Roger Goodell's podium yelling "WOOOOOOOO! GIG'EM! WOOOOOOO!"

He held the Heisman Trophy above his head as he ran across the stage, exiting stage right. Seconds later, a phalanx of topless young women ran across the stage in pursuit of Manziel.

"Johnny Manziel, ladies and gentlemen," commissioner Roger Goodell said, barely skipping a beat, after the models exited the stage. "What a kid, huh?"

NFL officials had reportedly been alerted before the draft that Manziel was partying in New York City Thursday night — for a paper he is working for school called "Partying in New York City on the Night of the 2013 NFL Draft" — and that an incident could occur.

It appeared security at draft let Manziel run right through without an attempt to stop him. A security guard confirmed this.

"It's Johnny Manziel," said one uniformed security officer. "Of course I'm going to let him through. Dude's awesome. He can do whatever he want."

But if it was someone other than Manziel?

"Oh, no. No way," he said. "Anyone else and it would be a total asshole thing to do. But Johnny Manziel? Awesome."