Chiefs Leak Photos of Them Making Out with Geno Smith

Chiefs Leak Photos of Them Making Out with Geno Smith – Image 1
The Kansas City Chiefs today leaked photos of team management with Geno Smith at a Kansas City night club, including several shots that appear to show them all making out.

"What can I say, we really like Geno Smith," said Andy Reid. "We are seriously considering drafting him with the No. 1 overall pick. One thing just seems to be leading to another. There's definite chemistry there."

Yet most NFL general managers see the photos as just the latest effort by the franchise to trick another team into trading up for Kansas City's No. 1 pick, fearing the Chiefs will take Smith — even though they just acquired Alex Smith from the 49ers.

"There's no way they take Geno Smith No. 1 overall," said Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly. "That said, snuggling with him at a nightclub seems pretty extreme if they're not serious. Maybe they just like him so much they feel they can't pass him up at No. 1. This is tough. You know, maybe we should trade up."

Smith claims the photos are Photoshopped.

"I met with them, but I told them I wasn't interested," he said. "I realize every player dreams of being the No. 1 overall pick. But if that dream involves the Kansas City Chiefs? No. No one dreams of that."

The Chiefs refused to respond to Smith's claim that the photos were doctored — although on closer inspection it appears that at least one photo is of Andy Reid devouring a ham with a picture of Smith's face taped to it.

"We don't have to respond to rumors and allegations because our love is real. Our love is true," said Reid. "We can't imagine not drafting Geno Smith or being apart from ever. At least not without getting a first round pick, second round pick and a second round pick in 2014, as well, in return."