Chicago Abuzz as Derrick Rose Returns Netflix Rental

Chicago Abuzz as Derrick Rose Returns Netflix Rental – Image 1
Word quickly spread today as Derrick Rose confirmed through league sources that he's returning a DVD to Netflix. Rose himself confirmed the news on his Twitter handle: "This one's for my fans: It's time to return Looper. #netflix #Thereturn #Nextinmyqueue".

His team, the Chicago Bulls, shared the city's joy.

"We can't wait to see what he'll rent next. It's been a while," said Bulls general manager Gar Forman. "We're all excited. Maybe he'll start watching Breaking Bad?"

Forman added, "I don't want to speculate, but if the mail gets there fast enough, he could have the new DVD in time for Saturday's game against the Orlando Magic. I think all of us would like to see that."

The 6-foot-3 point guard, who held on to the DVD for several months, has been difficult to pin down recently. Off the record, team officials have said he's been unable to find time to watch the movie while at the same time unable to return it as well.

As of press time, Rose had yet to confirm what his next DVD could be.

"I hope he starts watching 'Game of Thrones," said teammate Luol Deng. "If he doesn't start watching it now, what's the point? He may as well just wait until next season then. I honestly can't believe it's taken him this long."