6 Greatest Sports Pranks of All-Time

10 Greatest Sports Pranks of AllTime – Image 1

1. Michael Jordan’s NBA Executive Prank

Jordan the basketball player was not only regarded as his sport’s greatest players, but also as one of its great minds. So it was assumed he would make a great team executive. Ha! That’s where Michael Jordan the prankster stepped in.

First with the Wizards he drafted Kwame Brown No. 1 overall and made hilariously bad trades. Then he expanded his prank to Charlotte where he picked Adam Morrison and built a team that set an NBA record for the lowest winning percentage in history. Add all that to his Hitler mustache and ripped ’90s jeans and Jordan the prankster is just as great as Jordan the basketball player!

2. Adidas’ Camouflage and Neon Uniform Prank

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So cruel. Yet so hilarious.

3. Miami Marlins Prank

The Marlins are the only team in history that was created to prank its fans. They build a talented roster, then dump all of their players. Then they build another talented roster and then dump all of their players, and build a new stadium with public money. Then they build another talented roster and then dump all of their players. Every time people fall for it. Fewer people fall for it each time, sure, but you have to admire the Marlins’ decades-long dedication to a single prank idea.

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4. Sport of Curling Prank

In the 1500s, a Scottish guy got really drunk and tried to convince his friends to take some big stones out onto some ice, push them around and furiously sweep the ice with a broom. The point of the prank being, of course, to make his friends look like idiots. Five-hundred years later, this guy’s drunken idea is an Olympic sport. That is an epic prank.

5. God’s Sam Cassell’s Face Prank

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Who says God doesn’t have a sense of humor? He allowed Sam Cassell to be athletic, rich, famous and talented, but stuck him with a face like that. Ouch. Well played, God. Well played.

6. David Stern and Gary Bettman’s NHL Prank

The NBA‘s prime winter competition for the dollars and attention of sports fans and the media is the NHL. In 1993, Stern sent Bettman, then the NBA‘s vice president, to become the first commissioner in NHL history … with the mission of destroying the up-and-coming league. While the ultimate goal of the prank hasn’t been completely achieved with the NHL still in business, Stern and Bettman still deserve credit for all that they have put the hockey league through, from three work stoppages to TV contracts with fringe networks. Don’t mess with these pranksters! They have no mercy.