Streaking Penguins Reportedly Just One Win Away from Getting Acknowledged on Twitter by LeBron James

Streaking Penguins Reportedly Just One Win Away from Getting Acknowledged on Twitter by LeBron James – Image 1
The Pittsburgh Penguins won their 13th game in a row Tuesday night, tops in the NHL this season, putting them just four short of the NHL record for consecutive wins set by the 1993 Penguins. But the Penguins are just one game away from an even greater accomplishment.

"I got word tonight that if we win our 14th in a row on Thursday against Winnipeg, LeBron — or at least LeBron's marketing rep who posts some of his tweets — will tweet: 'Wow. 14 in a row Pengins. Congrats,'" said Pittsburgh head coach Dan Bylsma. "I told the guys and they're obviously thrilled. I just hope they can keep their attention on the ice and don't think ahead to LeBron's tweet."

Pittsburgh general manager Ray Shero has known for days that a LeBron tweet about the Penguins was in the works if the team could keep winning and has been actively making trades to improve his team in hopes of earning that recognition.

"It was the talk of hockey a few weeks ago when LeBron mentioned Chicago's points streak on Twitter, which in turn got the Blackhawks noticed by national media," said Shero. "We made it our goal that day as an organization to get noticed by him."

If Pittsburgh can increase its win streak to 14 games, team owner Mario Lemieux has said he will have the tweet placed on a banner, which will be raised to the Consol Energy Center rafters alongside the team's three Stanley Cup championship banners.

"This team is lucky to play in an era in which their successes can be noticed in real time by famous basketball players," said Lemieux. "That wasn't something I could experience in my day."

Team captain Sidney Crosby says Lemieux has told him in the past about the time Michael Jordan briefly made eye contact with Lemieux and mumbled "'sup" at a celebrity golf event at Lake Tahoe in 1997.

"Mario said it was the greatest moment of his life," said Crosby. "I've won a Stanley Cup, I've won an Olympic gold medal, I've won a scoring title and an MVP. But I've never had anything like that. It's all I have left to accomplish in this sport."