New Red Sox Manager Bans Players from Working at Home

New Red Sox Manager Bans Players from Working at Home – Image 1
Boston's John Farrell has decided to ban his players from working from home, the new Red Sox manager announced today.

"It's just the right decision for our particular organization right now," said Farrell. "It's not meant to make a broad statement. It's only about us. The Red Sox."

Farrell made his decision in light of the perception in recent seasons that Boston's players have been resting on their laurels instead of working to improve and win. Many showed up for only portions of fielding drills and batting practice, or stayed at home entirely and insisted they practiced there. Others, including former starter Josh Beckett, repeatedly requested to pitch in games from home or while on the golf course or while at a restaurant or bar.

"Things just go too relaxed around here," said Farrell. "I think we can improve if we all get on the same page for a little while and at least show up at the same field together and work side by side. If the players show they can be responsible and we do what we need to do, I will consider loosening the policy."

Some Red Sox players expressed disappointment and anger with Farrell's new policy.

"They already make us work nights, why do we have to come in during the day, too?" said a hefty designated hitter. "We better be getting overtime."

The Red Sox are also looking at cutting back the number of vacation days they give employees, which grew from all of September in 2011 to the entire season in 2012.