Johnny Manziel Signs 5-Year, $150 Million Deal with Dallas Cowboys Because He Can Do Whatever He Wants

Johnny Manziel Signs 5Year, 150 Million Deal with Dallas Cowboys Because He Can Do Whatever He Wants – Image 1
The Dallas Cowboys made the first big splash of the 2013 NFL free agent signing season by inking Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel to a five-year, $150 million contract that makes the Heisman winner the richest player in NFL history.

Manziel is technically not even eligible for the NFL draft until next year, let alone unrestricted free agency, and this year’s free agents are not allowed to be signed until next week, but NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said the deal is approved.

“It’s Johnny Manziel. Who’s going to say no to him? What a guy,” said Goodell. “Plus, it wasn’t really up to me to turn it down anyway. Johnny called me up and told me how it was going to be.”

Despite signing with the Cowboys, Manziel retains his college eligibility under the deal for as long as he wants it.

“I figure I’ll play some college ball on Saturday, have some fun in College Station on Saturday night, then fly to Dallas or wherever Sunday morning to play for the Cowboys,” said Manziel. “I think I’m at the age where I’m ready for this. I can’t still be partying on Sunday afternoons anymore.”

Manziel said he is also willing to join his Cowboys teammates on Saturday night if there is a big game or “if they’re playing in Miami or New Orleans or some place like that.”

The deal also gives Manziel courtside seats to every NBA game, access to Hollywood premieres and awards shows, and unlimited use of Kate Upton – although Manziel insists “trust me, I already have that.”

The quarterback will continue working toward his education, however. He says he used part of his $30 million signing bonus to buy a Bachelor’s degree and a PhD, and now he is working on getting a brewers certificate.

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