Dwight Howard Boos Magic Fans in His Return to Orlando

Dwight Howard Boos Magic Fans in His Return to Orlando – Image 1
Dwight Howard loudly booed Orlando Magic fans in his first game back at Amway Arena on Tuesday night. Howard booed the fans the moment they entered the arena and every time they touched their drinks or nachos.

"I think they deserved it," said Howard. "I like them when I was here, but I have since realized they are some of the worst fans in the NBA, if not in all of sports. They rarely fill the seats and there is no atmosphere in this arena. They suck and that's why I booed them."

Magic fans admit they had hoped Howard would give them a warm welcome, but say weren't surprised by the negative reception.

"Look, I can understand the hard feelings," said a season ticket holder. "It is what it is. But I will still always remember Dwight's time here fondly."

Howard didn't stop at booing and heckling the Magic fans. He also held up signs with messages including "YOUR TEAM SUCKS," "OVERRATED" and "ORLANDUDS." When he exited the game, he wore a t-shirt featuring a picture of the Amway Arena crowd alongside pictures of an equal sign and a pile of steaming feces.

Following the game, Howard stood out in the parking lot and hurled insults and trash at fans in their cars as they exited. Despite the ugly scene, most fans shrugged it off.

"We pay a lot of money to attend NBA games," said a fan. "This comes with the territory. We can handle it."