Dr. James Andrews Unveils Superstar “FrankenAthlete” Made from Athlete Body Parts He’s Collected Over the Years

Dr James Andrews Unveils Superstar FrankenAthlete Made from Athlete Body Parts Hes Collected Over the Years – Image 1
Dr. James Andrews today revealed the creation he says "is the work of my lifetime," an athletic Frankenstein-type beast created with the chunks of body parts he has taken from his surgeries on elite athletes.

"FrankenAthlete is the most physically perfect being ever created," said Andrews. "No single athlete could ever hope to defeat it."

Andrews has done surgeries during his career on Michael Jordan, Adrian Peterson, Jack Nicklaus, Robert Griffin III, Bo Jackson and countless other great athletes. He says he has combined parts and DNA he removed from all of them to grow FrankenAthlete.

"If any of my past patients have a problem with what I have done, I'd let them know that they agreed to this," said Andrews. "They need to read the fine print on their surgery paperwork a little better."

The famed surgeon, 71, says his creation serves as his retirement nest egg.

"I'm wealthy, but I'm not athlete wealthy," he said. "Yet. I am declaring that FrankenAthlete is a free agent. For any sport. Let the bidding begin."

Andrews also put FrankenAthlete through the paces at a sort of "pro day." The zombie beast ran a 2.2 40 and continued doing bench press repetitions until all the scouts in attendance got bored and left.

While the Yankees, Dodgers, Lakers and Cowboys are planning to bid for FrankenAthlete's services, several SEC schools are said to be the early frontrunners.