2013 Slogans for All 30 MLB Teams

2013 Slogans for All 30 MLB Teams – Image 1
*Arizona Diamondbacks:* We've got one of baseball's biggest stars: Paul Goldschmidt!

Atlanta Braves: Lots of Uptons.

Baltimore Orioles: Hoping for back-to-back fluke seasons.

Boston Red Sox: At least we're not the Yankees.

Chicago Cubs: Old Style beer, new style losing.

Chicago White Sox: We have Florida Gulf Coast alum Chris Sale!

Cincinnati Reds: So good we only need to use our best pitcher 60 innings a season.

Colorado Rockies: Todd Helton knew Peyton Manning in college, so that's cool, right?

Cleveland Indians: Something to watch if "Major League" isn't airing on basic cable.

Detroit Tigers: Making you feel like you have a pro athlete's body!

Houston Astros: Not gonna lie. We're gonna suck. Hard.

Kansas City Royals: Proudly featuring 2013 Team USA World Baseball Classic first baseman Eric Hosmer!

Los Angeles Angels: Let's hope money buys championships. Oh, shit. The Lakers.

Los Angeles Dodgers: Let's hope money buys championships. Oh, shit. The Lakers.

Miami Marlins: Yeah, don't get attached to Giancarlo Stanton.

Milwaukee Brewers: Ryan Braun is clean! LOL.

Minnesota Twins: Don't miss Joe Mauer's home run!

New York Mets: Ah, jeez.

New York Yankees: We still have 27 World Series titles, so shut up.

Oakland A's: Tons of fun until the playoffs.

Philadelphia Phillies: No longer Philadelphia's biggest sports disappointment! (Thanks, Flyers!)

Pittsburgh Pirates: A championship is our goal, not finishing .500. (But finishing .500 would still be awesome.)

St. Louis Cardinals: Still the only thing that makes summer in St. Louis bearable.

San Diego Padres: We moved the fences in, not that it will help.

San Francisco Giants: We'd be called a dynasty if we played in New York or Boston!

Seattle Mariners: Hahahahahaha. Ichiro thought he would win a World Series on the Yankees.

Tampa Bay Rays: Great baseball without all that annoying fan noise.

Texas Rangers: We admit, Josh Hamilton was kind of a douche.

Toronto Blue Jays: Witness our best chance to finish higher than 3rd in years!

Washington Nationals: Only six years left with Bryce Harper before he signs with the Yankees! Enjoy him while you can!