All the Top News from National Signing Day

All the Top News from National Signing Day – Image 1

Ole Miss had the most celebrated class, but rival Mississippi State also benefited from the Rebels' haul by netting several Ole Miss recruits who accidentally bought the wrong hat at Lidz at the mall.

USC and Lane Kiffin were able to sign several top-notch players, specifically those who didn't follow college football last season at all.

– Recruiting experts are split on which quarterback is the No. 1 quarterback in the class, but they are confident it will be a quarterback who Mack Brown of Texas did not bother to recruit.

Texas A&M brought in one of the highest-rated classes. They are expected to net several more commitments later today after recruits who were out late with Johnny Manziel last night wake up and send in their Letters Of Intent.

Pitt was able to reel in its best class in years behind the new recruiting approach of having the same coach for two consecutive seasons.

– Despite losing Chip Kelly to the NFL, Oregon again inked a highly-touted class, including all of the best colorblind players for the tenth year in a row.

Kansas head coach Charlie Weis was able to land a class of 14 players, all of whom apparently had no other Division I-A offers and must have just said: "Screw it. I'll go play for Charlie Weis at Kansas."

– Every recruit who verbally committed to a Big East school backed out and decided to play for a team in the ACC or Mountain West.

– Most Big Ten recruits mailed their Letters Of Intent again this year, feeling overwhelmed by the speed of fax technology.

Notre Dame was able to add several last-minute recruits who simply wanted to go to South Bend to ask around about Manti Te'o and find out if he is really is as dumb as he seems.

– The traditionally crappier SEC schools didn't bring in many top recruits so their fans will continue to live vicariously through their conference rivals, pretending that their schools have something to do with the conference's success.

Ole Miss still accepted the Letter Of Intent of top-rated recruit Robert Nkemdiche even though there are rumors that Nkemdiche recently received a C- on an algebra pop quiz.

Florida had the top-rated class according to most recruiting services, thanks to the quality and quantity of their recruits, but mostly because the people who make the rankings are terrified of Will Muschamp.

Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops says he is confident he has put together a class that "has the talent to get us into a fairly prestigious bowl game, but unfortunately not enough talent to keep that game close."

Alabama landed a Top 5 class again, and its recruits' girlfriends are also rated "hottest" by most model scouting services and all old men.