South African Police: Pistorius Case Aside, Famed “Bathroom Burglar” Still a Very Real Threat

South African Police: Pistorius Case Aside, Famed Bathroom Burglar Still a Very Real Threat – Image 1
While South African police maintain that runner Oscar Pistorius committed premeditated murder in the death of his girlfriend, officials do stress that citizens should remain on the lookout for the famed "Bathroom Burglar" that has terrorized residential bathrooms in the city for months.

"The Bathroom Burglar should not think that we have diverted our attention to Mr. Pistorius and away from him – or her," said police spokesman Edward Grant. "The Bathroom Burglar has stolen far too many Q-Tips, tubes of toothpaste and decorative soaps. He will be brought to justice."

Pistorius maintains he felt a burglar had climbed into his house and locked himself in the bathroom early last Thursday morning, prompting him to fire repeatedly into the bathroom door. Police dismiss that account, but admit that climbing into homes and then effectively cornering himself in a locked bathroom is the trademark behavior of the Bathroom Burglar.

"It's amazing he keeps getting away with his robberies, considering his calling card is easily one of the dumber things we've ever seen from this sort of criminal," said the police spokesman.

Despite the Bathroom Burglar's profile being raised even more by the circumstances of the Pistorius case, police expect him to continue to strike.

"If a burglar takes valuables or cash or electronics, that can allow him to live weeks or months between heists," said the police spokesman. "But it's hard to survive on mouthwash, hand towels and hairdryers."