Report: NCAA Tournament Selection Committee Not Giving Any Team Higher Than a 4-Seed This Year

Report: NCAA Tournament Selection Committee Not Giving Any Team Higher Than a 4Seed This Year – Image 1
Due to what one committee member called "just total shittiness throughout the sport," the NCAA Tournament selection committee is reportedly unlikely to award any team a seed higher than No. 4 in this year's tournament.

"Everyone kind of blows," said a source on the committee. "The No. 1 team loses every week. Every week. A fourth-ranked Michigan team just lost to Penn State, a team who was winless in the conference. I mean, come on. Do you really think any team in the country deserves a 1-seed or anything even close to that? Of course not."

Several members of the committee were adamant that no team be given a seed higher than No. 9, but they were outvoted and the cutoff line was set at No. 4. For now, at least. There was also unanimous concern among all members that they didn't want to have the first-ever 16-seed upset of a No. 1 simply due to watered down state of college basketball.

"If and when that happens one day, it will be exciting," said a committee member. "But we want it to be a legit upset. This year, you could see a 16-seed enter a game against a top seed as a slight favorite because the whole of the sport is an evenly mixed crap stew. No one wants to see history made that way."

When the members officially meet to select the tournament field, the committee will also discuss several tiebreaker scenarios for Tournament games in case no teams are able to make any shots or games somehow end with both teams losing.