Report: Guy on Facebook Thinks Oscar Pistorius Did It

Report: Guy on Facebook Thinks Oscar Pistorius Did It – Image 1
According to a guy on Facebook, track star and accused murderer Oscar Pistorius is "guilty as hell."

"He got bail? You've got to be kidding me. Pistorius is guilty as hell," wrote Kevin Grasmani on Facebook. Grasmani lists his age as 37 and his employment as a data entry manager at a consulting company in Columbia, Maryland, and left the comment on his Facebook page at 9:58 a.m. this morning.

The man's comment generated two "likes" on his Facebook page from his 217 friends and one response, from Ryan Stennett, a high school classmate, who wrote: "Maybe. Maybe not. The trial will explain a lot."

It is not clear if Desmond Nair, the South African chief magistrate in the case, would have denied Pistorius bail had he known of Kevin's opinion earlier. The track star's attorney, Barry Roux, has also not addressed the allegations in the Facebook post.

"I hate when I walk into the bathroom at work and some co-worker has stunk it up. Disgusting," Grasmani wrote in his next Facebook post, apparently moving on from the Pistorius case, but possibly making some sort of subtle statement on the bathroom shooting.

That post generated 15 likes and also got Grasmani three new friend requests. Yet, so far, no changes in the company's bathroom policy have been made.