NFL Teams Asking Manti Te’o to Sexually Assault a Woman to Prove He’s Not Gay

NFL Teams Ask Manti Teo to Sexually Assault a Woman to Prove Hes Not Gay – Image 1
NFL teams are reportedly concerned that draft prospect Manti Te'o could be homosexual and are asking the former Notre Dame linebacker to clarify his sexual orientation.

"We're just not sure an NFL locker room is ready for, you know … one of those," said one NFL personnel director. "We need to know what we could possibly be faced with if he comes out or whatever. I know I would feel a lot more comfortable drafting him if he had a date rape or sexual assault on his record. And to be clear: a rape or sexual assault of a female. Not a male. Definitely not to a male. That would be gross."

That feeling is shared by many throughout the league. Several teams asked Te'o to prove that he is heterosexual.

"I interviewed Manti and wanted to get to that issue without being too direct about it. You know, have to be politically correct or whatever these days," said a scout. "So I called my secretary in and told Manti to grab her ass and say degrading things to her. He refused. So, yeah, that really raised some red flags for me."

Te'o famously carried on a months-long online relationship with a girl who turned out to be male. In an interview last month with Katie Couric, however, he denied that he is gay.

"It's just a concern," said one team's general manager. "It is. What if he just acts all, you know, gay or whatever. I'm used to having rapists and felons on the team. As long as they produce on the field and stay away from my wife and kids, live and let live, you know? But a gay player would just be … I don't know … different."

According to sources close to Te'o, at his pro day next month in front of NFL scouts, he is considering feeling a girl up, getting slapped and then responding: "Bitch. You know you want this," and then grabbing his crotch.

"If he does that, I think he's a Top 10 pick," said Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.