Manti Te’o’s Intelligence Questioned After He Eats Wonderlic Exam

Manti Teos Intelligence Questioned After He Eats Wonderlic Exam – Image 1
Manti Te'o's draft stock took another hit today after he scored a zero on the Wonderlic exam. The Notre Dame linebacker did not complete the exam because he ate it soon after it was handed to him.

"Mmmm. Is this bread? This looks like bread," witnesses say the noted moron said at his seat in the exam room. "Manti hungry. I eat this bread."

Te'o then balled the exam up and began gnawing on it.

"Ouch! Bread bite Manti!" the linebacker exclaimed after he bit his own hand. "No, bread! Why so tasty yet so mean!"

After consuming his exam, Te'o reached for another prospect's exam, but got his hand slapped and recoiled. He then stared out the window and picked his nose until the exam time ended.

Te'o mocked his fellow prospects when the Wonderlic proctor asked for all the tests to be passed forward.

"You wasted your lunch! You are dumb! Ha-ha-ha! Dumb dumb dummies!" yelled the linebacker, laughing and running around the room in circles. "Manti full! You dumb people hungry!"

Those in Te'o's exam room were then dismissed for lunch. Te'o caused a stir in the lunch room by writing "ONEDUR LIK" on the wall in mashed potatoes.