Manti Te’o to Comment on Slow 40 Time as Soon as He Catches His Breath

Manti Teo to Comment on Slow 40 Time as Soon as He Catches His Breath – Image 1
Former Notre Dame standout Manti Te'o will reportedly speak about his plodding 4.82 time in the 40 at the NFL Combine as soon as he is no longer hunched over and gasping for air.

"Jus … gimme … one … sec …," said Te'o, with a pained expression on his face and his chest heaving. "Ahhh … I need … a few … … minutes."

Te'o's time was one of the slowest among all linebackers at the Combine and drew disappointed looks from coaches and scouts sitting around the field.

"I … can explain …," Te'o muttered, now laying on his back with his arms and legs outstretched. "I … just need … some … water … please … water."

With a poor performance at the Combine on the heels of questions about his intelligence due to being "catfished" by a fake girlfriend and playing horribly in the BCS title game, Te'o will now have to address many doubts teams have about him. And that's something he plans to do.

"Oh god … I can't … it feels like … my lungs … they burn … they burn," said Te'o. "Talk to me … tomorrow … maybe … tomorrow."

The linebacker will reportedly run the 40 again in hopes of getting a better time at his pro day next month if he can catch his breath by then and if anyone still cares.