Latest Check From “Linsanity” Copyright Nets Jeremy Lin $1.37

Latest Check From Linsanity Copyright Nets Jeremy Lin 137 – Image 1

by Ross Snow

Just a year removed from filing to copyright the term "Linsanity," former New York Knick Jeremy Lin received his smallest royalty check to date, one totaling just under two dollars.

"I remember when we had Linsanity merchandise wall-to-wall," said Jeff Huntsman, owner of a New York City sports apparel shop. "Jerseys, keychains, mugs, bumper stickers – you name it, we had it. Actually – have it – it's still here. It's just over there in that discount bin now."

The 24 year-old Lin hit New York by surprise after putting up record breaking numbers in his first seven starts last season, despite seemingly coming out of nowhere. Lin's play and affable nature led to a media frenzy, inciting the term "Linsanity."

Unexpectedly, the Knicks failed to re-sign Lin this year, instead losing him to the Houston Rockets, where his stats have dropped significantly since his start in New York, officially bringing an end to the Linsanity that really only seemed to last a couple months.

"It's still unclear what purchases led to Lin's $1.37 check, but you can be certain it was something that was 10 times the price 11 months ago," said sports marketing consultant Ian McGregor. "Perhaps a t-shirt? A jersey? Perhaps a game used jersey? It's hard to say. It could've been a lot of things with how fast his merchandise lost its value."

"I just hope his copyright proposal was approved in those first few months," continued McGregor, "otherwise I'm not sure he's made his money back. I know it costs around 40 bucks or so to file a copyright."

While Lin's copyright of "Linsanity" may not have been as financially successful as he had hoped, the Harvard graduate is optimistic his pending copyrights of "aren't you that one guy" and "you suck now" prove to be more profitable.