Kate Upton Refuses Repeated Requests to be Photographed for Swimsuit Feature on Steve’s Sports Blog.net

Kate Upton Refuses Repeated Requests to be Photographed for Swimsuit Feature on Steves Sports Blognet – Image 1
Kate Upton may be the biggest name in the model world after being featured on back-to-back Sports Illustrated swimsuit editions, but the 20 year-old has lost at least one fan in the sports blogosphere.

"I'm just trying to give a young model some exposure, and she can't even respond to my tweets asking for a photo shoot," said Steve Mason, age 48, the editor, writer and owner of StevesSportsBlog.net. "I can't respect that. But I still think she is really hot and will totally do something with her if she would want to. Make sure you print that."

Mason, whose blog of four years "routinely gets more than 50 visitors a month" and focuses on "whatever I feel like writing when I have time to write things and have strong takes," says he has been sending photo shoot requests to @KateUpton for months. Not once did he receive a response.

"I know she has a lot of followers, but I sent a request every day. I know she had to have seen some of them," said Mason. "I'll tell you one thing: her career isn't going to get very far treating people this way."

The blogger says he was even blocked by Upton on Twitter after sending the model a tweet that read: "Want you to strip for my blog. Totally classy. Minimal touching. Get back to me. Love your boobs."

Upton's refusal to participate has forced Mason to delay his special swimsuit edition post.

"I wanted to run it this week to compete with Sports Illustrated, but now I'm not sure when it will run," he said.

So far the only photo shoots Mason has conducted are with Danica Patrick and Tonya Harding.

"Harding took some convincing, but Danica Patrick was easy," he said. "She's happy to do anything that might get her some attention. She wanted to do all full-frontal nudity, but I'm not running any of those. I have to be able to access my blog at work."