Dorky Brothers Next Door Dreaming of Coaching in the Super Bowl Together One Day

Dorky Brothers Next Door Dreaming of Coaching in the Super Bowl Together One Day – Image 1
Kevin and Jeff, the weird, unpopular neighborhood boys who live next door, say they are dreaming of one day coaching in a Super Bowl together just like NFL coaches John and Jim Harbaugh will do in Super Bowl XLVII.

"We've always dreamed of coaching in a Super Bowl," said Kevin, 11, older brother of Jeff, age nine. "We always pretend coach in the backyard, going through game scenarios and calling timeouts. It's so much fun."

Jeff says he believes the brothers' dream will one day come true.

"My mom says that dreams — even ones that people call lame or depressing or weird — can come true if you really believe and work hard," the boy said. "She told me that right after I tried out for head coach of my 8-to-10 year-old football team."

"They were the first boys to ever try out for coach," said the boys' mother, Cheryl. "I mean, obviously, right? Because it's weird. But I asked the coach if there was any way he could use them as assistants, and he eventually agreed."

The two boys, who are believed to be the only people to ever ask for EA Sports' "NFL Head Coach" game for Christmas, now stand on the sidelines holding clipboards and markers while their peers play.

"What kind of weirdo dreams of being a coach one day?" said the team's head coach, Chuck Riley. "I wanted to be a quarterback when I was their age. And a star quarterback, too, not the kind that Jim Harbaugh was. To be honest, Kip and John — or whatever those kids' names are — creep the hell out of me. But I let them help out with the team because I don't want to get sued for discriminating against disabled kids. I assume they're disabled, right?"

The boys says they are excited for this weekend because they are going to practice interviewing for head coaching jobs and also blow whistles.

Their mother has made an appointment with a specialist to examine her boys next week.